How to Stay Happy in a Long Term Relationship

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When a new relationship begins, it can be full of fluff and rainbows and all the good things that little boys and little girls dream of, but as time goes on, every relationship will eventually have their own challenges and hurdles that couples need to face together.

Ask any happy couple who have lasted fifty years, ten, or even just one year and they’ll hint at issues that they’ve had to work out together. But how do they do it? How do people make relationships last for decades? To understand that, let’s talk about how to stay happy in a long relationship.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common relationship advice:

Communication Is Key

Relationships are about mutual understanding. Most problems in relationships can often be avoided by talking to your partner as most problems arise from misunderstandings. Talk to your partner about anything and everything.

Having open communication builds trust between you and your partner, and since people can change over the years, keeping your connection with your partner becomes more vital so they can understand any changes going on in your life.

Always Trust and Respect Your Partner

Let’s be real. Love can only get you so far. You can’t just rely on love alone to carry you through decades of hardship. That’s why you need to form mutual trust and respect with your partner, because when love fails, you’ll have something to fall back on. Your relationship won’t become a mess and will continue on ‘til you’ve rediscovered the spark that ignited your love from the start.

Try Something New Together

There are so many things to do in the world that can’t all be done in a single lifetime. Keep your relationship fresh and exciting by trying new things! Don’t let your relationship become stale and boring.

Bring your partner along with you when there’s a new place in town to visit or a new activity to do. Go out of your comfort zone and break away from the usual stuff that you and your partner are used to.

Go watch a bad movie and laugh together about how terrible it is. Travel to a different country and experience a different culture together. Heck, try a new position in bed to keep things interesting. Try anything to keep your relationship working.

Always Look on the Bright Side of Life

Optimism is a great motivator. When you meet dark moments in your relationship, shine some light on it by looking at the upside of what’s happening. It’s no use trying to intensify an issue as that’ll only make it harder for you and your partner.

If there’s nothing you can do about it, look at it from a different perspective and appreciate the good things that came out of it. There’s always something positive about any situation. You just need to look at a problem from a different angle. Blaming your partner will only make it worse.

Even if it’s their fault, try to make fun of it so it’ll be easier for them to make it up to you. Likewise, if you were in the wrong, accept responsibility and look forward to the make-up cuddle the both of you will have while watching a random, forgettable movie on Netflix.

These are just some of the common tips on how to stay happy in a long relationship. What other things do you do to stay happy in a long relationship? Share your thoughts and let’s have a discussion about it. Comment below or message me!


True Love Secret: Friends Make the Best Lovers; Here’s Why

Those looking for lovers never look for prospects among their friends but science says that friends actually make the best lovers. In fact, the attraction is much more solid between those who know each other for a while than people they recently met. Could this be the secret to lasting true love?

Researchers from the University of Texas say that the longer the period they’ve known a person, the better they are as partners. The scientists conducted a research among students where they asked initially to rate each other on a scale of 1 to 10. In a matter of weeks, those with lower ratings had an almost perfect score based on their closeness. It was then learned that attraction among them was not over physical looks. In fact, those who know one another the longest find each other more attractive.

Why Do Friends Make the Best Lovers?

When you date people you already know, you start with an advantage. Since knowing them, you already have some idea of their views and what makes them tick. Furthermore, there’s a big chance you already know how to deal with them during conflicts.atruelove1

Having a common ground is important in relationships. You can do more activities together, go to places you both like for dinner and it’s easier when it comes to meeting with each other’s families. Another solid advantage of an established friendship is that there is little to no awkwardness anymore unlike first dates with strangers.

Friendship: Secret to True Love

Failed romances always seem to center on a cliché. Boy meets girl. They like each other one drunken night. They hook up. Get in a relationship. After the honeymoon phase, realize that they have nothing in common. Get in fights. Give up. Break up.

No relationship is perfect, even those who say that they found their true love. Rough patches, miscommunication, and quarrels always come to test couples. When a relationship is based on superficialities like physical attraction, perks, and sexual chemistry, it is likely not going to survive the storm.

The secret to lasting relationships or what other people call as true love is having the foundation of friendship. Couples cope better through problems because of friendship. The familiarity and support that each one brings in the relationship will never put out the fires of love. So next time you’re looking for true love, try being their friend first.

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