True Love Secret: Friends Make the Best Lovers; Here’s Why

Those looking for lovers never look for prospects among their friends but science says that friends actually make the best lovers. In fact, the attraction is much more solid between those who know each other for a while than people they recently met. Could this be the secret to lasting true love?

Researchers from the University of Texas say that the longer the period they’ve known a person, the better they are as partners. The scientists conducted a research among students where they asked initially to rate each other on a scale of 1 to 10. In a matter of weeks, those with lower ratings had an almost perfect score based on their closeness. It was then learned that attraction among them was not over physical looks. In fact, those who know one another the longest find each other more attractive.

Why Do Friends Make the Best Lovers?

When you date people you already know, you start with an advantage. Since knowing them, you already have some idea of their views and what makes them tick. Furthermore, there’s a big chance you already know how to deal with them during conflicts.atruelove1

Having a common ground is important in relationships. You can do more activities together, go to places you both like for dinner and it’s easier when it comes to meeting with each other’s families. Another solid advantage of an established friendship is that there is little to no awkwardness anymore unlike first dates with strangers.

Friendship: Secret to True Love

Failed romances always seem to center on a cliché. Boy meets girl. They like each other one drunken night. They hook up. Get in a relationship. After the honeymoon phase, realize that they have nothing in common. Get in fights. Give up. Break up.

No relationship is perfect, even those who say that they found their true love. Rough patches, miscommunication, and quarrels always come to test couples. When a relationship is based on superficialities like physical attraction, perks, and sexual chemistry, it is likely not going to survive the storm.

The secret to lasting relationships or what other people call as true love is having the foundation of friendship. Couples cope better through problems because of friendship. The familiarity and support that each one brings in the relationship will never put out the fires of love. So next time you’re looking for true love, try being their friend first.

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